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The global seasonal color theory

Color styling world there is a wind Fei global seasonal color theory, based on human skin, eyes, hair color as the basis to judge color type individuals, control their own look and see which one you belong.

A. human physical characteristics: pale and yellowish hair, bright eyes and God, his face white as transparent, belong to sensitive skin, fever and easy red.
The right mix: Camel Beige bright yellow green light blue warm water, light gold can be used as the main color wore makeup colors to orange pink lipstick better, most with the shiny jewelry.

B. Spring-type human physical characteristics: white skin glowing wheat, black hair soft, gentle kind attention.
The right mix;.. To blue-gray, blue, green violet and so tranquil and pleasant light system better makeup color is appropriate partial cold beige roses.

C. fall-type physical characteristics: hair black and yellow, eyes bright and eye Jen Brown, contrast is not strong, steady gaze ceramic white skin, must appear less flush.
Correct with the most appropriate colors, earth tones, old green moss green, orange leaf green brown, light and dark brown, golden yellow, mud gold.

D. winter-type human characteristics, darker hair color, eye black and sharp eyes, skin side has some shiny white.
The right mix: the black and white colors such as red navy blue tone, shape glamorous beauty, ice blue, ice pink, ice green, etc., as the tiny dot, white, silver jewelry the most pretty.

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